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13 Star Sign Astrology is based on the ‘True Live Time Sky’ which means from an Astronomical Perspective. Western Astrology is based on a fixed map that was created by Ptolemy a few centuries ago... Ptolemy created this map for more agricultural and seasonal reasons, but this map he created, does not reflect true astronomical data since he cut all the constellations down to 30 degrees (30 days long) and omitted the Constellation of Ophiuchus. Over time Ptolemy's map has become more and more out of date since the sky is always moving.13 Star Sign Astrology includes the Constellation of Ophiuchus that also sits on the Ecliptic (path of the Sun) giving this very important constellation his place back on the Astrological Wheel. 13 Star Sign Astrology also uses the correct sizes of the Constellations. The Boundaries are based on Walter Berg's calculations, Walter, is the original founder of the 13 Zodiac, combining his professionalism in both Astronomy and Astrology.

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