Telepathic Distant Ascension Healing
Telepathic Distant Ascension Healing

Telepathic Distant Ascension Healing

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Distant only (Children and Adults)

1 hours targeted and consented by client and myself,


Emergency purposes, Missing Persons' Protection, Any Unblocking, Deep Healing for BLOCKAGES: Fear, Ego, Abuse, Losses, Balance, Past-life, Ancestral lineage healing, TwinFlame Love healing, Insecurities, Overcome Stress/Anxiety, Jealousy, Envy, Eating Disorders, Generational or Karmic ties, Bodily illnesses, Increase Meditation and Intuition, Alignment, Spiritual Journey, Awareness, Procrastination, Extreme Self Doubt, Hyper Children or Disabled, Unlock Creativity and much more...

~Specify what type of healing needed in comment box in your cart. 

During Distant services there's nothing needed from you other than drink water and be open for healing. Most importantly Be loving and compassionate toward yourself❤️

Also, during or after service is complete, please know there maybe zero to emotional releasing's throughout a course of time. You may experience periods of crying, gratitude, abundance of love, bodily healing, Kundalini power, balance, clarity, vivid dreams, answers to prayers, and reconciliation with loved ones, and much more.

I have attached my personal edited version of 13 Sign Astrology Reading by Ra Star, just to add a little certainty of my natural born given spiritual gifts. I have come a long way and a long way to go so I'm no stranger to sufferings, abuse, blockages, or healing. I'm a trustworthy person headed toward more balance in this lifetime and I would like to help you as much as I'm allowed.

*Insured Accredited Certified Reiki Master and Teacher Reading