Auto-Magically Manifest® Candles
Auto-Magically Manifest® Candles
Auto-Magically Manifest® Candles

Auto-Magically Manifest® Candles

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     My spiritual gifts allow me to energetically predict accurately with anything I desire, effortlessly. As a child, I noticed this gift to be very Powerful. I now am offering my New Auto-Magickally Manifest® Herb/Crystal Candles.

Manifest® Candles I personally perform and instruct ceremonies with high frequencies while candles are present. These candles are full of success and WILL bring forth clear evidence that it's working, My New Auto-Magickally Manifest® Herb/Crystal Candles. can be used any time. I believe we all have the Ability and Desire to Manifest! My desire is to help you with just one of my proven ways to Auto-Magickally Manifest. This will be Confidential and Handled with the upmost Respect! PLEASE CONTACT ME if you have any questions and/or need a reading before purchasing.  A reading will give you clear direction in so many ways before you purchase. 



1. Choose Your Auto-Magickally Manifest® Herb/Crystal Candle desired area(s) and place your order.

2. Be sure NOT to leave candle unattended  or around any children under 18 yrs of age.

3. Start to set your intentions through focused deep breaths (3 to 5 breaths will do and my High Frequency Playlist can be requested for extra intention purposes). Place a  candle stick holder on a plate to catch any droppings or to prevent any fires. Light your candle without any doubts.

4. Have Patience and trust that your Manifestations are on the way!



Made with PURE INTENTIONS and Infused with lots of Power, LOVE, New moon, and Full moon cycle Energies and with my Pure Authentic and Powerful Auto~Magickally Manifest® Secrets.

All products are prepared with gloves, face mask and body coverings

Candle holders are not included. Any local dollar store should carry candlestick holders.