Auto-Magically Manifest® Herb Mixes
Auto-Magically Manifest® Herb Mixes
Auto-Magically Manifest® Herb Mixes

Auto-Magically Manifest® Herb Mixes

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     My spiritual gifts allow me to energetically predict accurately with anything I desire, effortlessly. As a child, I noticed this gift to be very Powerful. I now am offering my New Auto-Magickally Manifest® Dried Herb Mixes. These herbs can be used for Spiritual baths, Dressing your spiritual candles, and/or Burn on a charcoal disk. All dried herb mixes are handmade by me and supercharged with my pure authentic and powerful Auto~Magickally Manifest® secrets.

I believe we all have the Ability and Desire to Manifest! My desire is to help you with just one of my proven ways to Auto-Magickally Manifest. This will be Confidential and Handled with the upmost Respect! PLEASE CONTACT ME if you have any questions or if you need a reading before purchasing. . 


1. Choose Your Auto-Magickally Manifest® desired area(s) and place your order.

2. Look out for an email with further questions or concerns and/or instructions.

3. Have Patience and trust that your Manifestations are on the way!

Products Ingredients will include:

  • Highly effective Dried Herb mixes.

Made with PURE INTENTIONS and Infused with lots of Power, LOVE, New moon, and Full moon cycle Energies and with my Pure Authentic and Powerful Auto~Magickally Manifest® Secrets.

All herbs are prepared with gloves, face mask and body covering.