About Me

My life journey is to start a spiritual-based online business to support me and my son financially while reaching millions of people, achieving a balance through reciprocity of respect, truth, wisdom, authenticity, motivation, humility, peace, Faith, Love, Compassion and Freedom.

My current belief is that we're all connected through Feminine/Masculine Energy and Beyond Perfectly Unique and Powerful in Our Own Way. We MUST detoxify (Taking Our Power Back) from systems, people, and mental and emotional self-inflicted prisons that has been surrendered to for many lifetimes. I choose to Align and Surrender to Christ consciousness through 13 Star Sign Astrology which is based on the ‘True Live Time Sky’ different from both West & Sidereal Astrology. I have come a long way and a long way to go so I'm no stranger to suffering, abuse, blockages, or healing. I'm a trustworthy person headed toward more balance in this lifetime WHILE HELPING AND HEALING OTHERS.

 Our lives today are fast-paced and ever-changing. There's so many things we want to do, goals we want to achieve, relationships we want to enjoy, and experiences we desire to collect. What really makes our lives worth living? Honestly, the result of always wanting to move has disconnected us from our mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual health.

That is why I want to help you!

I am Onya, a Certified/Insured Spiritual, Life, Health Coach, Reiki, and Ascension Master/Teacher with natural intuitive psychic and mediumship abilities. My vision is to empower every individual that I have the opportunity to work with to better understand themselves and find the right balance of motivation and peace within their own lives!

With years of experience in life coaching, teaching/leading women, men, and children, I will give you a nonjudgmental and secured space where you can admit everything that you have been keeping inside—releasing guilt, anger, bitterness, etc.—and we will together find the positives and the process that's best for you going forward in every situation, thus assisting with your releasing process as well. You are not alone!

One of my main goals is to, not only, promote mental and spiritual health awareness but also physical health and wellness. I will also guide you to make the necessary lifestyle changes for a better body and mind, as well as provide you with our essential body and face glow oils and handmade herb formulas infused with various properties that help you remove the signs of stress and aging while rejuvenating the skin.

Plus, if you are a parent with a child whose mental processes and thoughts you struggle to understand, then give me a chance. Some kids are empathic and psychic, which means their thoughts are way beyond what we perceive, and that is why they need an expert to help them learn to express themselves clearly. Communication is important, especially with our children, as they are the future.

Ultimately, my aim is to help you identify and develop healthy practices to expand your dynamic personality and enhance your confidence, humility, peace, and trust in all your relationships! So, if you are ready to transform your life for good, I am ready to guide you on the journey!!

Thank you for visiting www.mytruthyourtruth.world and getting in touch with me today!



Intuitive Psychic Medium Tarot Oracle Reader, Master Teacher Reiki and Ascension Healing Practitioner, Herbalism, and Counselor—Life, Health, and Spiritual Coach
Insured/ Certified
Sun: ⛎/11th🏠
MC: ⛎/ 11th🏠
Venus: ⛎/11th🏠
Mercury: ⛎/ 10th🏠
Neptune: ⛎/10th🏠
North Node: ⛎/ 10th🏠
Vesta: ⛎
(Rising)Ascendant: Aquarius/ 1st🏠
Jupiter: Aquarius/ 1st🏠
Moon: Virgo/ 7th🏠
South Node: Taurus/3rd🏠
The Black Moon Lilith: Capricorn/11th🏠