Body-Rhythm Healing Meditation

Body-Rhythm Healing Meditation

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Meditation can be done in various ways, especially through movement. My natural abilities since I was a child was able to flow in the spirit as a freestyler. As I got older I recognized that many of my dance students or people in my fitness classes couldn't freestyle longer than 0-30secs. I knew that I had to start teaching freestyle, which is very hard to do without discerning, intuitively, or many times psychically tapping into the students' blockages to remove and release them into healing, peace, freedom, and much more....

The benefits are unlimited and very much healing in areas of awareness, stress/anxiety, all chakra balancing, love, compassion, life changing experiences and much more.

If you love to move and would like for me to assist you through body-rhythm healing meditation, on any level as an athlete, aerialist, dancer, parent, teacher, student, some pets, many more.... This is the service for you!


After you place your order I will set up a free consult to discuss your desires and schedule your first session.